Chapter 2 : A Pair of Mustachios Solution

Chapter 2: A Pair of Mustachios Solution

In the vibrant city of Chandrapur, nestled in the heart of a bustling bazaar, there lived a peculiar man named Mr. Gupta. What set him apart from the rest of the townsfolk were his magnificent mustachios—long, thick, and carefully groomed, they were his pride and joy.

Mr. Gupta’s mustachios were the talk of the town, admired by young and old alike. They became a symbol of his personality and an emblem of his unique style. People marveled at their grandeur and often wondered how he managed to maintain such a splendid pair.

One sunny morning, as Mr. Gupta made his way through the bazaar, he noticed a young boy named Ravi staring wide-eyed at his mustachios. Amused by the boy’s fascination, Mr. Gupta approached him with a warm smile.

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